Collection: Triple G Collection

The “Triple G Collection” = GLAMOUR, GLITZ + GOLD!

Created with one of a kind natural stones, these GORGEOUS bracelets can be customized with a single letter, initials, or a word!

 We also have Flowers, Hearts, Lightning Bolts, and Stars (Available in Rose Gold, Silver and Gold) 

We also have gold Hamsa charms

Please select your bracelet color scheme and letter quantity from the drop downs, and personalization options in the pop up after adding to cart!

39 products
  • Mother Earth Triple G
  • Gold Smith Triple G
  • Silver Smith Triple G
  • Hydrangea Triple G
  • Peacock Feathers Triple G
  • Tribal Dream Triple G
  • Berry Blast Triple G
  • Rustic Farmhouse Triple G
  • Coop's Rainbow Triple G
  • Safari triple g
  • Florida keys triple g
  • Midnight triple g
  • Nude triple G
  • Pinky Promise Triple g
  • Sugar Cookie Triple G
  • Somewhere Over Triple G Necklace