Collection: Triple G Collection

The “Triple G Collection” = GLAMOUR, GLITZ + GOLD!

Created with one-of-a-kind natural stones, these GORGEOUS bracelets can be customized with a single letter, initials, or a word/name!

Available in Rose Gold, Silver, and Gold, we have charms shaped as flowers, hearts, lightning bolts, and stars! We also have a Hamsa-shaped charm available only in gold!

After clicking “Add To Cart” a personalization form will pop up for you to enter the color scheme and letter quantity that you want for your bracelet!

40 products
  • Beach Triple G
  • Berry Blast Triple G
  • Blue Sky Rainbow Triple G
  • Coop's Rainbow Triple G
  • Crystal Cove Triple G
  • Crystal Triple G
  • Day to Nite Triple G
  • Desert Sky Triple G
  • Florida Keys Triple G
  • Gangs All Here Triple G
  • Gold Smith Triple G
  • Hydrangea Triple G
  • Marble Strike Triple G
  • Midnight Triple G
  • Mini Triple G
  • Mommy and Mini Triple G