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Just Bead It By Rachel, LLC

Somewhere Over Triple G Necklace

Somewhere Over Triple G Necklace

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We now make these popular beads as a long necklace! With about 100 beads, the necklace can be adjusted to your liking!

The “Triple G Collection” = GLAMOUR, GLITZ + GOLD!

This is the Somewhere Over colorway.

Created with one-of-a-kind natural stones, these GORGEOUS bracelets can be customized with a single letter, initials, or a word/name!

String colors can also be customized to gold, light silver, blue silver, or gunmetal.

After clicking “Add To Cart” a personalization form will pop up for you to enter the color scheme, string color, and letter quantity that you want for your bracelet!


  • We can only add up to 9 letters or icons on a single bracelet.
  • These bracelets come in one size. If they are too big, you can just untie the knot and take off a few beads.



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